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2020 Mitac

System : Android

Role : GUI designer


MiBattery 是附在公司出產各式平板中的內建軟體,主要協助使用者監控電池各種狀態,並在危急狀態時,提供主動發信通知使用者及客服的功能。

MiBattery is a built-in software attached to various types of tablets produced by the company. It can assist users in monitoring the states of the battery and actively send notifications in danger situations.

Style Guideline

mibattery guideline.png

APP intro pages


Introduce the functions provided by the APP when users first launch.

0.1 intro.png
0.2 intro.png
0.3 intro.png

Battery Dashboard

進入APP首頁即會顯示電池目前的溫度 / 健康度 / 電量...等資訊,透過Dashboar的設計呈現,並做好資訊分類,讓使用者可以從上而下,關注重要與次要訊息。

Entering the home page will display the current battery temperature/health/power... and other information. Through present in the dashboard and classify the information so that users can focus on important and secondary from page top to bottom.


1 home copy 5.png
home_warning copy 2.png



Provide a letter reminder when the battery enters a critical state and other battery-related settings. The system will also automatically return the abnormal situation to the customer service.

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2.1 add contacts.png
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